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Planning ahead not only gives peace of mind that your wishes will be followed after your death but also ensures that your loved ones are spared extra stress when they are least able to deal with it.

Thomas Simpson Solicitors of Winchester can advise on how best to achieve your aims in your Will whilst making sure that any inheritance tax liability is kept to a minimum.

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Rob Simpson is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and has completed the STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates. He follows the STEP Will Writing Code – a set of ethical principles that demonstrate openly the standard of transparency, service and competency clients can expect from a STEP member when preparing their will.

It may surprise you to learn that if you are living together but are not married or in a civil partnership you may not have any rights over each other’s estates and may not even be able to decide on the funeral arrangements. If you write a Will you can ensure that each other is protected and that your funeral wishes are respected.

We know, as well as anyone, that when you are running a small business it can be all consuming and leave little time to plan for the future. However if you are in a partnership or own part of a company planning is crucial to ensure that the right people are appointed to run the business after your death and that the assets pass to the people you wish them to.

Writing a Will from start to finish

We start the Will preparation process by gathering information about your circumstances and then we discuss your wishes in a relaxed and friendly meeting.

As a result of this we prepare a draft Will for you to consider alongside a written explanation. By necessity some of the language appears complicated but we always explain matters to you in plain English.

Once you have approved the Will we arrange to see you so that you can sign the Will and we can check that this has been done in the required way.

We are happy to see people in their own homes or other locations that may be convenient to you. We also attend care homes and hospitals to see people when a Will may be required urgently (please click here to see if we cover your area).  Alternatively we can discuss your requirements via video conference.

We can advise you about how to get your Will validly executed whilst observing social distancing in order to comply with regulations and to keep yourself safe.  If you are self – isolating or vulnerable Rob & Hilary are permitted to travel to see you to witness your Will in a Covid-safe manner.

We would point out that all of our Wills are written by fully qualified solicitors and not unqualified will-writers or paralegals. We believe that this means our advice is more comprehensive and that you benefit from greater protection due to our membership of the Law Society, our regulation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and our professional indemnity insurance.

For simple Wills that do not require tax planning advice or complicated trusts our prices start at £250 for a single Will and £410 for a pair of mirror Wills. These prices are exclusive of VAT. For more complicated estates we are able to provide a quote before you decide whether to instruct us.

“What’s not to like.  Who would have thought that organising a gruesome deed would be so much fun. Thank you so much and so pleased with everything you have done for us” Mr & Mrs W.

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